European entrance doors and armored security doors offer a unique alternative to traditional wooden or fiberglass doors. The doors are available in a wide range of wood, glass, cement and metal finishes, are of very high quality and security and have a thickness of 3.75” (95 mm) which is practically double the thickness of the average american entrance door.

The Pivot entrance doors are secured by 8 locking points. American doors generally have one locking point.

Each entrance door is custom made with left and/or right and/or top fixed panels. Special profiles are available for sinking the door frame into the surrounding wall.


WOOD HYDRO OIL are deep stains used on oak veneered panels applied on plywood for exterior use. These colors come with a maintenance kit that should be used annually.


WOOD OAK VENEERS can be used for interior applications where weathering is not a problem (condos, etc). These veneers are not weather-proof.

ALUMINUM EFFECTS are durable aluminum panels which imitate wood and other finishes. They can be used anywhere, even by the seaside.

SOLID WOOD are woods which can be used in exterior applications. The colors vary as these are made from wood planks.

CEMENT FINISHES are made of cement and mixed with pigment.

ALUMINUM POWDER COAT are finishes available in many RAL colors and can be flat panel or paneled effect in both satin and textured finishes.

GLASS Safety glass in any of the colors below and others. Ask us.



You can use any of the levers in our program.